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What is Silent Disco?


Silent Disco

Silent Disco is an entertainment concept where people listen to music through wireless headphones. Imagine a party with hundreds of people singing and dancing, but the room is silent and everyone is wearing custom Smooth PDZ 3-Channel Wireless Headphones. Control the music & volume right at your fingertips.

How Does it Work?

  1. Each person gets wireless headphones.
  2. Music is transmitted directly to your headphones.
  3. Choose from 3 channels; adjust the volume; all at your fingertips.
  4. Each channel is color-coded w/ LED lights (Ch1=BLUE, Ch2=RED, Ch3=GREEN) to show you what everyone else is listening to. Connect colors with friends, Join the dance party.
  5. 3-DJs or iPods simultaneously play 3-Styles of Music directly to your ears. Enjoy the music. Experience Silent Disco!


Why Choose Silent Disco by Smooth Productionz?
. From corporate events to birthday parties, Smooth Productionz has the best equipment and most experience. Our client list Speaks for itself. Let us help you create a one-of-a-kind experience at your next event.
What Do I hear in the Headphones?
Up to 3 Channels of Music or Audio! Our custom Smooth Productionz headphones are compatible with any I-pod/I-pad, MP3, Cell Phone, TV, DVD, CD, Radio, & Computer Audio.
How Many Transmitters Do I need for 3 Channels?
To have use of all 3 Channels of the headphones, you need 3 transmitters.
How far do the headphones reach?
Our custom Smooth Productionz headphones have a range of 150+ yards.They will work indoor and outdoor,  even on the move!
I’m not good with technology, can I still work Silent Disco?
Absolutely. The setup is extremely simple. Every rental or purchase includes detailed instructions or you can call us for support anytime!

When & Where?

Everyday Applications

Business Applications

Marketplace Applications

Silent Disco Equipment

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