SPZ Headphones™ 12-Pack

SPZ Wireless Headphones™ 12-Pack
SPZ® Wireless HeadphonesCustom Silent Disco HeadphonesColor Synced Lights Indicate Channel Selection10-Hour battery life with built-in USB supported rechargeable pack.Plug in audio cord or earbuds  for non-wireless use. Includes USB charging cords and USB wall outlets ports.Place any logo here. Advertise your brand.

SPZ Headphones™ 12-Pack


SPZ Wireless Headphones™ 12-Pack
- 12 SPZ Wireless Headphones™
- 12 sets of black earphones/earbuds
- 12 USB charging cords
- 6 dual USB wall outlets
- 6 stereo audio cords for non-wireless use

Product Description

SPZ Wireless Headphones™ 12-Pack

Need more headphones for guests? Add 6-additional headphones to your wireless system. SPZ Wireless Headphones™ deliver the sound quality that pioneered the Silent Disco movement. Enjoy crisp, clear sound without the cord getting in your way.


SPZ Wireless Headphones™ (12x)
o Modern design with noise canceling technology and built-in auxiliary input for regular (wired) headphone and audio use
o Pivoting ear cups with soft leather flex foam pads and slide adjusting flexible headband to fit all sizes with comfort
o Controls include 3-channel slide switch with color corresponding blue-red-green LED lights, auto-mute function, and personal volume control
o 10-hour wireless battery life with USB-supported built-in rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery pack

Sets of Earphones/Earphones (12x)
o Plug regular earbuds into headphone with matching black cord
o Enjoy wireless audio freedom without wearing having to wear regular (noticeable) headphones

USB Charging Units (12x)
o Plug headphones into built-in USB-supported charging jack
o Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery pack
o Recharge all-twelve headphones at ounce
o 12x USB charging cords
o 6x USB ports with multi-USB adapters

Stereo Audio Cords (6x)
o For non-wireless audio use, plug audio cord into built-in auxiliary input
o Use like regular (wired) headphones at any time

Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 24 x 24 in


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