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Ensure that your international students are reached and informed.Take back your musical freedom while doing your homework.Schools_desks_med_450x450

Schools & Education

Effective communication between teacher and student is essential to any success learning environment. Unfortunately, words get lost due to unavoidable distractions in the classroom. Wireless headphone systems for schools and home studies can increase attention levels across a multi-layer of learning platforms.

- Multi grade level classrooms
- Reading, homework and audio presentations
- Classroom friendly, easy-to-use equipment
- Student incentives and class rewards
- Cost effective service
- Special Needs students
- English as Second Language application
- Supplemental learning material/sound
- After-school activities and recess

* Option to Buy or Lease
* Customize a wireless headphone system to any shape or size

Benefits include:
o Noise cancelling technology for quire reading
o Improve student ability to absorb and retain more useful knowledge
o Ensure the teacher’s lesson is heard by every student in the classroom
o Mitigate classroom distractions by eliminating exterior noise
o Enhance learning environments through wireless headphones and direct audio
o Avoid sound pollution and communication barriers in the classroom
o Bridge existing grade level gaps in the classroom with multiple audio channels
o Provide seamless translations and learning audio for international students
o Elevate the overall learning experience in any classroom – big or small

Product Description

Wireless headphone systems for schools and home studies:

- Deliver every student a clear message in every classroom
- Both simple and cost effective
- Improve overall comprehension
- Mitigate exterior noise and sound pollution

Silent Solutionz™: Schools & Education

o Smooth Productionz is proud to supply schools and academic institutions with highly effective wireless headphone and audio systems.

o Perfect for classroom parties, assemblies, school functions, special events, as well as day-to-day privileges and during recess.

o Silent Solutionz™ for Schools & Education give teachers and students the flexibility to incorporate more audio in the classroom.

o Wireless headphone systems are a viable solution for excessive teacher-to-student ratios and difficult learbning environments.

o Silent Solutionz™ for Schools & Education provide students an alternative to regular classroom communication, as well as a unique and effective learning experience.

o Clear communication is essential to the success of any learning environment – in every level on the education system.

o Multi-Language applications give clients the capability to broadcast multiple interpreters, foreign language audio, or specific cultural media.

Wireless headphone systems for schools and home studies can increase attention levels across a multi-layer of learning platforms:

o Issues with language sensitivity
o Increase group participation and
o international students Advance foreign communications
o Noise canceling technology eliminates distractions, increases learning
o Eliminate distractions, both inside and outside, the classroom
o Specialized learning
o Ability to listen to music or video audio


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