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What is Silent Disco?


Silent Disco

Silent Disco is an entertainment concept where people listen to music through wireless headphones. Imagine a party with hundreds of people singing and dancing, but the room is silent and everyone is wearing custom Smooth PDZ 3-Channel Wireless Headphones. Control the music & volume right at your fingertips.

How Does it Work?

  1. Each person gets wireless headphones.
  2. Music is transmitted directly to your headphones.
  3. Choose from 3 channels; adjust the volume; all at your fingertips.
  4. Each channel is color-coded w/ LED lights (Ch1=BLUE, Ch2=RED, Ch3=GREEN) to show you what everyone else is listening to. Connect colors with friends, Join the dance party.

When & Where?

With a wireless range of 300 yards, you can use your Silent Disco Headphones anywhere. Use them to watch TV or DVDs. Plug in your favorite music and enjoy wireless freedom while never missing a beat.


Why Choose Silent Disco by Smooth ?
(1) Simple Setup- We keep it simple and easy for you to enjoy. (2) Compatibility – Silent Disco works with any TV, DVD, Computer, Tablet or Music Device. (3) Quality – Our headphones are comfortable and built to last. (4) Experience – Our client list speaks for itself.
What Do I hear in the Headphones?
Up to 3 Channels of Music or Audio! Our custom Smooth Productionz headphones are compatible with any I-pod/I-pad, MP3, Cell Phone, TV, DVD, CD, Radio, & Computer Audio.
How Many Transmitters Do I need for 3 Channels?
To have use of all 3 Channels of the headphones, you need 3 transmitters.
How far do the headphones reach?
Our custom Smooth Productionz headphones have a range of 150+ yards.They will work indoor and outdoor,  even on the move!
I’m not good with technology, can I still work Silent Disco?
Absolutely. The setup is extremely simple. Every rental or purchase includes detailed instructions or you can call us for support anytime!

Silent Disco Equipment

Still Have Questions? E-Mail Us Info@SmoothPDZ.com