Pros Package Rental (50+Headphones)

Pros Package: Silent Disco Rental (50+ Headphones)
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Pros Package Rental (50+Headphones)


Pros Package: Silent Disco Rental (50+ Headphones)

All rental packages include:

- Desired number of headphones
- Up to 3 wireless transmitters
- Audio cables
- Power supply
- Headphone chargers
- Detailed instructions
- Protective cases with headphone stands
- Promotional materials
- 24-hour Trained Silent Disco Technician



Product Description

How does the rental process work?

1. Fill out a quote / pay 50% deposit
2. Check Out Equipment – We sterilize and test run all equipment.Then ship it to you.
3. Return Shipping – Simply tape the pre-paid mailing slip to the box and drop it off at any UPS Store
4. Check In Equipment – We inspect the equipment for loss and damage.
5. Receipt- We send you a confirmation receipt

* Final price is determined by the # of headphones & transmitters + date, location and duration of rental period.

* Final Price includes return shipping. Additional terms may apply.


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